Opinion is our monthly


It is published each month

(except January) to keep

members informed of

meetings, events,

technical information

and details of cars and

spares for sale.



Held every 2 years with Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales taking it in turns to host.

For the 23rd Rally it is New South Wales turn. It will be in Dubbo, at Easter in 2022..

The Morris Register is part of the RMS Heritage Plates scheme. Each year we have 'Rego Day' where our volunteer mechanics check your vehicle. Another advantage of being a member.

National rally


The Man

THE Cars

THE history

Heritage Plates

Here you will find all the details and advantages of being a member of The Morris Register of NSW. While our aim is to promote, preserve and protect the Morris range of vehicles we like to enjoy ourselves as well. We encourage using the vehicles on club runs and meet regularly to share information and experiences.

Welcome to our WEB site

Here you will find part of the story of William Richard Morris and his products. He went from a bespoke bicycle manufacturer to one of Britain's great industrialists. 



Morris Register Of NSW


- Club runs each month
- Library for members use
- Monthly newsletter: 'Opinion'
- RMS Heritage Plate scheme
- Years of experience in vehicle      restoration

The Morris Register of NSW Inc aims to promote an interest in Morris and associated marque vehicles. Its members are able to pool experience and assist each other with restorations, maintenance and buying and selling cars and spares.

Morris Register of NSW Inc

- Friendly atmosphere

​- Part of the Morris Registers of Australia
- Monthly Meeting at:

from July Vikings Sports Club
35 Quarry Rd, Dundas Valley NSW 2117

7.30pm 1st Friday of each month except January.