Morris Register Of NSW


Established 1973

Membership of the Register is open to owners of all types of Morris vehicles, related marques and anyone with an interest in Morris cars or commercials. Events are held regularly which are not only for members to display their cars but are so that members may enjoy the outing.

The club meets on the first Friday each month (except January) at the Vikings Club, 35 Quarry Road, Dundas Valley. Our monthly newsletter keeps members informed as well as feature stories on vehicles, restorations and club events. 

​Membership costs $45 per year.

​​The first Morris Register was formed in the UK in 1959. On August 10, 1973 a group of enthusiasts formed the NSW club.  


Later, other branches were formed in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and New Zealand. The club is affiliated with other Morris Registers around Australia. Every two years all the Registers meet at a national rally with each state taking turns to play host.  



Committee Members 2019-2020

President: Douglas Godwin

Vice Presidents: John Carroll

Vice Presidents: David Bucknell                                  

Secretary: Greg Kean

Treasurer: Derek Black

Events Co-ordinator: Allan Wilcox

Editor: Greg Kean 

Plates Registrar: Gary Chivers

Committee Members: Anne Baguley

and Peter French. 

CMC Delegate: Steve Dixon

Librarian: David Bucknell

Club Historian: Judy Gold


Meetings: 7.30pm First Friday of each month except January

Vikings Club

35 Quarry Road, Dundas Valley 2117

PO Box 4138 Homebush South NSW 2140

Our aim is to promote, preserve and celebrate Morris and associated vehicles.​

Members have access to an extensive library and a selection of spare parts to assist in restoration projects or general maintenance. Knowledge and experienced are shared and members are assisted in selling, buying or exchanging cars or spares.


We want to keep as many Morris vehicles in running order and on the road. 

The club is part of the RMS Historic Vehicles registration program. 

our TEAM

Morris Register of NSW Inc